All-time record high temperatures set in Southern California, including Los Angeles

Thousands of beachgoers cooling off as all-time record breaking heat envelopes Southern California, in Huntington Beach, California, on July 6, 2018.

LOS ANGELES (WASHINGTON POST, REUTERS) - As predicted, new daily, monthly and all-time record highs were set throughout Southern California on Friday (July 6) due to a monster heat dome sprawled over the region.

The temperature at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) soared to 111 degrees Fahrenheit (43.9 degrees Celsius), the hottest temperature ever recorded at the location.

The scorching temperature surpassed the previous record of 109 set on September 20, 1939, the National Weather Service reported. Records at UCLA date back to 1933.

While the temperature at UCLA set an all-time record, the temperature in downtown Los Angeles, which hit 108 degrees F, feel short of its all-time mark of 113 from September 2010. Still, the 108-degree reading crushed the July 6 daily record of 94, set in 1992.

In addition to UCLA, other locations that set all-time record highs in Southern California include: Burbank Airport, which hit 114 degrees Van Nuys Airport, which hit 117 degrees Ramona, which hit 117 degrees Santa Ana, which hit 114 degrees Riverside, which hit 118 degrees (tying record from 1925).

California is also battling a fast-moving wildfire as firefighters on Friday discovered the charred remains of a person apparently caught in the flames.

This marked the first fatality in a particularly intense fire season across the state.

Investigators were trying to identify the person found in the debris of a home burned to the ground by the Klamathon fire, which broke out on Thursday near the Oregon border during a blistering heat wave and quickly blackened more than 8,000 acres (3,237 hectares).

"We don't know who it is, we're trying to do best we can to identify the person," said Lieutenant Jeremiah LaRue if the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office.

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