Activists rally with cardboard coffins to protest police brutality

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Los Angeles holding aloft more than 600 cardboard coffins to protest what they see as overwhelming police brutality against minorities. The 617 coffins represented the number of people killed by law enforcement in Los Angeles county since 2000.

"We're fed up and people are getting killed, you know almost every day by law enforcement and nothing is going on you know, I don't think that the police fear anything because they know that the last officer that shot somebody didn't get held accountable, so they don't have any fear in putting the gun in the next person", said organizer Tanisha Dennard.

Protesters came from four different directions of the city, converging at the seat of county offices in downtown Los Angeles. They demanded accountability in cases where law enforcement use of force has resulted in death or serious injury, as well as to push for radical policy change within greater Los Angeles law enforcement.

"My husband Jose De la Trinidad was innocent and unarmed and shot seven times in the back by L.A. County Sheriffs in 2012 and I'm here because this is a nightmare we'll live for the rest of our lives, we'll never forget what happened to him and I have two daughters you know, that I'm forced to raise by myself now," said Rosie De La Trinidad, while holding a coffin with her late husband's photo.

The killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man, last August in Ferguson Missouri has touched off a national debate on race relations and triggered months of street protests over complaints across the country about police treatment of minorities.

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