A dancing Hillary Clinton comes to Finnish leader's defence

Mrs Clinton's posted a photo of herself dancing with a big smile on her face in a crowded club during a 2012 trip to Colombia. PHOTO: HILLARY CLINTON/TWITTER

WASHINGTON (AFP) - "Keep dancing," former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted Sunday (Aug 28), lending her personal support to Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, whose taste for partying has drawn global attention.

Mrs Clinton's post included a photo of herself, dancing with a big smile on her face in a crowded club during a 2012 trip to Colombia while still Secretary of State. It concluded with the words "Keep dancing, @marinsanna."

Ms Marin quickly responded, tweeting back, "Thank you @Hillary Clinton," and including a heart emoji.

A recently leaked video showed Ms Marin dancing and partying with a group of friends and celebrities.

Critics said it showed inappropriate behaviour for a prime minister, while others - now including Mrs Clinton - have defended the 36-year-old politician's right to enjoy a private event with friends.

Ms Marin told fellow members of her Social Democratic party that it was important to cut loose at times.

"I am human. And I too sometimes long for joy, light and fun amidst these dark clouds," said Ms Marin, the world's youngest prime minister.

She added that she had not missed "a single day of work."

But she encountered further blowback when a photo emerged of two women lifting their tops during a party at the prime minister's residence in July.

Ms Marin again apologised.

Mrs Clinton, who is 74, headed the State Department from 2009 to 2013 under president Barack Obama.

In 2016, she was the Democratic candidate for US president. Though heavily favoured, she lost to real estate magnate Donald Trump in a stunning upset.

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