Tigers saved from Syria zoo get a new home in the Netherlands

An international animal welfare charity that helps tigers escape war and trauma in Syria relocates two tigers to a facility in the Netherlands.

ALEPPO (REUTERS) - Tigers were rescued from a neglected zoo near the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo to a big cat facility in Netherlands on Monday (Oct 16), giving them new beginnings.

The rescue efforts led by an international animal welfare organisation Four Paws relocated the tigers, named Sultan and Sayeeda, to FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the town of Nijeberkoop, a facility under Four Paws.

The tigers will be monitored to help them overcome their traumatic experience, according to the Four Paws.

Rescued from the zoo of the Magic World, an abandoned amusement park located about 15 kilometres west of Aleppo, the tigers had crossed the Syrian-Turkish border to a wildlife rescue centre in Turkey, then to Jordan, and finally transferred to Netherlands.

Four Paws talked about the almost two-month long rescue mission in its media release. The rescue mission involved collaborations with international security agencies, such as the Turkish Ministry of Forestry, Water Affairs and Turkish volunteers.