Three new tombs unveiled in Luxor, Egypt

(REUTERS) - Egypt opened the doors to three new tombs for the first time since their discovery, while two others have been reopened after restoration work.

The new tombs are located in the ancient city of Luxor, and are among the most important tombs of the Nobles, including the Tomb of Imnhotep - Hwy, the Deputy of the famed King Tutankhamun.

The renovated tombs are that of Horemheb and King Thutmosis III at the Valley of the Kings.

Mamdouh El Damaty, the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, said: "We've opened five tombs, two in the valley of the kings, the tomb of Horemheb and the tomb of Thutmosis III. Two tombs from the most important kings from the kings dynasty, after restoration and conservation for the visitors."

These openings are part of the country's plan to open new archaeological sites to increase tourism in the wake of last week's airliner crash that killed all 224 people on board.

The flight originated from Sharm el-Sheikh, the gateway to the beach resorts of the Red Sea. Reports have indicated that the crash may have been caused by a bomb prompting governments to halt flights to the region.