ST Asian Insider video: Disunited States of America

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WASHINGTON - The United States' internal divisions have deepened and hardened during the four years of the Donald Trump Administration, and the election will not make them go away.

While former Vice President Joe Biden has said that if he is elected he will unite the country and be a President for all Americans, he also noted that he is not naive enough to think it will be easy.

It may not be possible in the near future, says historian and political scientist Charles Zelden from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

"Right now there is a lot of anger," Dr Zelden told The Straits Times Asian Insider, for the weekly online AI video and podcast series.

"You see… Latinos down here in Florida who are absolutely freaked by the idea that Biden is going to produce the sort of socialist hell that they left back home and this was a message sold to them by the Republican party."

"That sort of fear-based response doesn't make for good dialogue," he told ST Asian Insider video host and ST's US Bureau Chief Nirmal Ghosh.

"Until things settle down, perhaps after a year or two of a successful Biden administration, there is not going to be a lot of room for compromise," he said.

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