Sexual harassment in Hollywood: 6 recent cases

Roy Price is just the latest in a string of high profile men who have been implicated in sexual harassment or assault accusations in Hollywood. PHOTO: AFP

Sexual harassment cases have been popping out of the Hollywood closet, in a seemingly unending stream of scandals.

In the latest instance, Amazon suspended the head of its entertainment division Roy Price on Thursday (Oct 12) after a TV producer accused him of sexual harassment.

He is just the latest in a string of high profile men who have been implicated in sexual harassment or assault accusations.

Here are some of the most recent cases.

1. Roy Price, 51, Amazon

The head of Amazon Studios - Amazon's entertainment division - was suspended on Thursday, after producer Isa Hackett told The Hollywood Reporter he had repeatedly propositioned her in July 2015.

Hackett, 50, is the producer of The Man In The High Castle, one of Amazon's highest-profile shows. She said Price made lewd suggestions in a cab en route to a party during the annual San Diego Comic-Con fan convention.

She had made it clear she was not interested, but Price persisted and even approached her at the party later and shouted "anal sex" in her ear.

She reported his behaviour to studio executives, who launched an investigation.

2. Harvey Weinstein, 65, The Weinstein Company

The movie mogul told papparazi on Wednesday (Oct 11) that he needed "to get help" and later checked himself into a rehabilitation centre in Arizona, possibly The Meadows, as claims of sexual harassment, assault and rape piled up against him.

It began with the publication last week of an explosive New York Times report alleging a history of those acts dating back decades.

Weinstein's accusers include such prominent names such as actresses Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd.

3. Roger Ailes, 77, Fox News

The late Ailes, who built Fox News into a popular and politically powerful cable network that helped redefine US television news, resigned on July 21 under the cloud of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The resignation came a fortnight after he was sued by Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, who claimed she was fired for rejecting his sexual advances.

Following her allegations, several other women at Fox News also came out with similar claims of harassment, including host Megyn Kelly.

Ailes died on May 18 of undisclosed causes.

4. Bill O'Reilly, 68, Fox News

In an Apr 1 New York Times article, it was revealed that O'Reilly and Fox News had covered up sexual harassment allegations against him for at least 15 years.

A total of US$13 million (S$17.6 million) was paid to five women in exchange for their silence.

Following the revelations, numerous companies pulled advertisements from O'Reilly's show.

O'Reilly was eventually ousted later that month, and was said to have received an exit payout of as much as US$25 million.

5. L.A. Reid, 60, Epic Records

Reid, one of the music world's top executives who helped launch the careers of stars such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber, left Epic Records in May following reports of harassment.

A female assistant told management that he had made inappropriate remarks and physical advances, including asking her to hug him in bed during a business trip.

Reid had been chairman and chief executive officer of Epic Records, a unit of Sony Music, since 2011.

The Sony management terminated him after the complaints, issuing a terse one-liner:"L.A. Reid will be leaving the company."

6. Bill Cosby, 79

The comedian best known for his role as the father in the hit 1980s TV comedy The Cosby Show, was accused of sexual assault by dozens of women over the past few years.

One of his most high-profile accusers was model Janice Dickinson, who detailed graphically in a CNN interview how Cosby drugged and raped her more than 30 years ago.

One of the allegations, that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand at his home near Philadelphia in 2004, went to criminal trial in June, but the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Pennsylvania prosecutors are planning for a retrial.

The case is the only criminal prosecution to emerge from all the allegations against Cosby, as the other complaints are too old to be the subject of criminal prosecution.

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