Power Play Podcast: Politics now hampering US-China climate cooperation

Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (left) addressed US climate envoy John Kerry via video link.
Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (left) addressed US climate envoy John Kerry via video link.PHOTOS: REUTERS, AFP

Power Play Ep 5: Politics now hampering US-China climate cooperation

10:03 mins

Synopsis: On the third Friday of every month, The Straits Times examines various facets of the US-China rivalry and its implications for Asia. 

Join Charissa Yong and Danson Cheong - ST’s US and China correspondents respectively based in Washington DC and Beijing - as they chat about the following:

1. US' special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry facing icy reception at Tianjin (0:32)

2. China's mistrust due to America over-promising and under-delivering (2:37)

3. Why US-China climate cooperation is like an 'oasis' surrounded by a desert (5:40)

4. Cooperation seems unlikely at the UN COP26 climate summit in November (7:17)

5. China's plans to build another 200 gigawatts of coal power would affect the world's climate efforts severely (8:20) 

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Produced by: Charissa Yong (charyong@sph.com.sg), Danson Cheong (dansonc@sph.com.sg), Hadyu Rahim & Fa'izah Sani

Edited by: Dan Koh

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