Pope Francis releases a music album

(REUTERS) - Pope Francis has made his break into the music world. The 78-year old Argentinean pope released his first album, entitled "Wake Up!"

The pontiff's foray into the music world is a selection of his public speeches, put to various styles of music ranging from pop and rock, to Latin chant.

The pope's simple, down-to-earth style served as inspiration for the album, said producer and artistic director Don Giulio Neroni: "The idea was born from the moment that Pope Francis came out on the balcony and said 'dear brothers and sisters, good evening'. With that 'good evening' I saw that this pope was completely different from all the others because for 2,000 years a pope that comes out on the balcony does not say 'good evening', he says something like 'may the Lord be with you', 'may peace be with you', but this one said 'good evening.'"

"Wake Up!" contains 11 tracks. It will be released in Italy on Friday (Nov 6). Producers said "Wake Up!" would later receive a worldwide release.