South Yemen clashes, raids kill more than 90

TAEZ, Yemen (AFP) - At least 92 people have been killed in Saudi-led coalition air strikes and fighting between supporters of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi and his opponents in southern Yemen, sources said Saturday.

In the key port city of Aden and in the adjacent Lahj province alone, 46 rebels died in ongoing clashes and 12 hours of intense air strikes that lasted until early Saturday, a military source close to them said.

A medic in Aden said that eight pro-Hadi militiamen were killed and 32 were wounded.

The military source and pro-Hadi militiamen told AFP that coalition warships were also taking part in the shelling.

Warplanes' targets included the rebel-held presidential palace which was Hadi's last refuge before he fled to neighbouring Saudi Arabia last month, military officials said.

Air strikes also hit the rebel-held Al-Anad air base in Lahj north of Aden, which housed US troops supporting a long-running drone war against Al-Qaeda before the fighting forced them to withdraw.

Residents in Lahj said that the rebels have captured "dozens" of civilians they accused of aiding the coalition by giving them information on rebel targets.

Government officials earlier gave a toll of 38 killed in clashes in the southern towns of Daleh and Loder.

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