Iran foils Mossad bombing of 'sensitive' site, state-run news says

Explosives had been planted at a "sensitive centre" in the central Isfahan Province, Iranian media said. PHOTO: REUTERS

TEHERAN (BLOOMBERG) - Iran arrested a network of operatives linked to the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, who were attempting to set off explosive at a "sensitive centre" in the central Isfahan Province, state-run Nour News reported.

The devices had been planted at the unidentified location and the "terrorist operation" was thwarted "just a few hours" before it was executed, Nour said without specifying where it obtained the information.

The Mossad-linked agents had purportedly crossed into Iran from the Kurdish region of Iraq and received "months of training" in an African country, the report said.

Isfahan, home to Iran's key nuclear enrichment sites and missile facilities, has been a target of attacks in the past.

Last year, Iranian officials blamed Israel for an incident on April 11 that disrupted power supply to the Natanz atomic facility and caused damages to a number of centrifuges.

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