Hidden room behind King Tut's tomb?

VALLEY OF THE KINGS, EGYPT (REUTERS) - They're looking for a secret room... using radar to see if there's a chamber behind Egyptian boy king Tutankhamun's resting place.

It's taken months of research, but the archaeological team says they are close to getting the results of their high definition scans.

Some believe that behind the heiroglyphs and imagery, lies the last resting place of Queen Nefertiti, who reigned before Tutankhamun more than 3000 years ago.

Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves says excitement is building.

Reeves said: "I think there is still the possibility to find something that's very remarkable here and I think if we do find something that is remarkable then the ingenuity and of science and the Egyptian government will find a way of revealing this but we are not there yet. We're still testing that hypothesis."

Earlier scans have suggested that the tomb of King Tut contained passages to two hidden chambers. But it won't be for another week before they know if there is a hidden cavity behind the walls... and what treasures it might hold.