Gaza zoo puts starving animals up for sale

GAZA (REUTERS) - Time is running out for the animals at the Gaza Zoo.

War and economic hardship have dried up ticket sales, and with no money, food is in short supply.

Many of the animals have died and been stuffed for display.

As a last resort, zoo owner Mohammad Oweida has had to put his tiger, deer, ostriches, and pelicans up for sale.

"We are unable to provide anything for them because of the siege, we can't provide food for them." he said.

Most of the animals, which were smuggled in along the Egyptian border through tunnels, have died since the flare up of violence between Israelis and Palestinians that began in 2014.

Today, only 15 remain.

Mr Oweida says if he can sell his tiger for the asking price of $23,000 (S$31,000), there could still be hope for the others.

Although he cannot say for how long.