Escalating shadow war between Israel, Iran in Syria

TEL AVIV - There is no official confirmation that Israeli missiles hit Iranian military positions in Syria a second time this month. Yet many suggest that the bombardment on Sunday night (April 29) was part of an escalatingshadow war that Israel and Iran are waging against each other in the war-ravaged country.

The explosions that shook the environs of the Syrian city of Hama at about 10.30pm were so powerful that they registered on seismographs in neighbouring Israel. At around the same time, missiles hit a military base near Aleppo International Airport in northern Syria. According to ISNA, the official Iranian news agency, 18 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps were killed in the attacks. Syrian opposition sources cited a higher toll - 38 dead and more than 60 injured. One question, however, remains unanswered: Who is responsible for the massive attack?


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