Mexicans celebrate Epiphany with a huge cake

Thousands gather in Mexico City to enjoy a piece of one of the country's tastiest traditions - a mammoth King Cake for Three Kings Day.


MEXICO CITY (REUTERS) - Thousands of Mexicans gathered on Thursday (Jan 5) to enjoy a piece of one of the country's tastiest traditions: a mammoth King Cake provided by Mexico City's government for Three Kings Day.

The event began when the children who attended the event released balloons with their letters to ask the Three Kings for gifts.

After the balloons were released, more than nine tons of the cake was sliced and distributed among the attendees.

Along with a slice of cake, residents also received packaged milk.

The King's Cake celebration in Mexico City's famed Zocalo Square honors the Three Kings' visit to the newborn Jesus when, Christians believe, God was first revealed to the world in human form.

Several bakeries in Mexico City prepared this year's tasty treat. The monumental cake has been distributed free of charge annually in the city center since 2008.