Message in a mosaic

More than 48,000 photos of politicians were spread out in front of the German Parliament building, or Reichstag, on Thursday, ahead of the country's federal election on Sept 26. They were placed by activists from the #unverhandelbar (#non-negotiable) campaign group in Berlin, to protest against human rights violations at Europe's external borders.

According to social media posts, the mosaic is "a picture of inhuman politics and a reminder to take responsibility".

"Just like the individual pieces of the mosaic, every decision and every vote of the individual members of Parliament in recent years has led to human rights violations at Europe's external borders on a daily basis," the activists say.

They demand, among other things, solidarity for people on the move, the evacuation of all camps and the guarantee of the individual right to asylum.

"Politicians and decision-makers must finally take responsibility. In 10 days there will be the German federal election, let's make sure that human rights are non-negotiable," they say.

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