It still fits! Canadian woman finds long-lost diamond ring on carrot in her garden

Mrs Mary Grams, 84, had lost her engagement ring while pulling weeds in September 2004.
Mrs Mary Grams, 84, had lost her engagement ring while pulling weeds in September 2004. PHOTO: TWITTER

ALBERTA - A Canadian woman who lost her engagement ring on her family farm 13 years ago has found it in the most unlikely of places - on a carrot.

Mrs Mary Grams, 84, was shattered when the ring - which was given to her by husband Norman in 1951 - went missing while she was pulling weeds from the farm's garden in September 2004.

She decided to keep mum about it and bought a cheaper replacement ring, according to a report in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

"I didn't tell him (her husband) even because I thought for sure he'd give me heck or something," she told CBC.

But as fate would have it, the long-lost ring made an appearance earlier this week when Mrs Grams' daughter-in-law, Ms Colleen Daley, pulled up a misshapen carrot with the ring wrapped around it.

She did not notice the ring at first and had intended to feed the carrot to the dog, but decided against it. The ring was discovered as she was washing the carrot.

Ms Daley added that it was easy to track the ring's origin as the farm had been in the family for 105 years.

While happy to get her ring back, Mrs Grams said she wished she had come clean with her husband, who died five years ago.

But she is still looking forward to putting it back on, saying: "I'm going to wear it because it still fits."

This is not the first time a ring has turned up on a carrot. In 2012, a woman gathering carrots in her garden in Sweden found one wearing a white gold ring she lost some 17 years earlier.

Last November, a German man discovered his wedding ring wrapped around a carrot after losing it three years earlier.