Hundreds protest EU summit

As EU leaders gathered in Brussels, hundreds of Europeans came out to voice opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP.  

Critics fear the proposed trade agreement between the US and the EU will hand power to multinational companies at the expense of consumers and workers.  

Demonstrator Nadja Salson, is with the European Federation of Public Service Unions. "Today the EU leaders are meeting and we want to show them that people don't want, you know, corporate to encroach on public services through those trade agreements.", she said.

Last weekend, as many as 150,000 protesters marched in Berlin to oppose the TTIP.  As a result, the European Commission made revisions to its trade policies to increase transparency and improve labor standards.  

In Brussels, riot police didn't need their water canons at the peaceful protest. But, they will likely pull protest duty again.  

The trade talks now two years in, are expected to drag on well into next year.