GoPro camera shows the world through an elephant's eyes

(REUTERS) - Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia celebrated World Elephant Day on Wednesday (Aug 12) by releasing a video of a GoPro camera that was mounted onto Gung, an elephant in their zoo in July, in order to show what the world looks like from an elephant's perspective.

The video shows Gung performing tricks while wearing a custom-fitted camera.

The Asian elephant is seen kicking a ball, carrying around a piece of wood and even putting a baseball cap on the zookeeper's head.

Zookeeper Steve Westnedge said that since Gung has a habit of throwing things over his shoulders anyway and seems to enjoy the experience, the zoo decided to take advantage of his habit "We thought hey, let's utilise this and see if we can put a camera on him and see what it actually looks like from an elephant's point of view."

Westnedge also said : "He loves interaction, so. Elephants are super intelligent, and just like us they like learning new things so. Given any opportunity to learn, you see them thrive."