First self-driving bus line opens in Paris


(REUTERS) - Shuttling their way to a greener city.

Paris opening its first driverless buses to the public on Tuesday.

Fully electric and fully atonomous, the 'EZ 10' transports up to 10 passengers across the Seine between two main stations.

The buses use laser sensors to analyse their surroundings on the road and for now they don't have to share it with any other vehicles.

Jose Gomes has been driving buses here for 26 years; he'll oversee the smooth operation of the autonomous bus.

"Fewer people come on board, its slower, its electric, it doesn't pollute and it can be stored away more easily but it will never replace a traditional bus," Gomes said.

The shuttles come as Paris faces high pollution levels. City mayor Anna Hidalgo wants to reduce the number of cars, while authorities crack down on traffic restrictions.

It may be a short 130m stretch for the buses but for Paris, it's a big step towards promoting cleaner transport.