Young woman goes blind for 48 hours for charity

Samantha Emery, a 23-year-old ecologist living in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) decided to go blind for 48 hours in order to raise money for DeafBlind Scotland on Friday.

During her experience Samantha wore a bandage at night, while during the day she used blacked out contact lenses that rendered her completely unable to perceive things other than very strong lights.

Phillip Coleman, a local Edinburgh film who made the film said that Emery managed to raise her target of 150 pounds for DeafBlindScotland.

In the video Samantha explains the difficulties that she was faced even being blind for only 48 hours

Emery said "It's terrifying being blind, I.. only knew the person I was holding onto and I didn't know where anyone else was, even being inside here with you guys on the sofa first it felt a bit secluded."

Coleman also explained that Samantha had a difficult experience regarding her own eye sight.

At 5 Samantha had problems with her sight which meant she had to have multiple operations on her eyes.

Her eyes are now fine, but now as a result her sight is considerably weaker in one of her eyes.

She also said how frightening it was to lose her sight even when she knew she would have it back again in 48 hours

"It's awful and I wouldn't wish it on my enemy at all being blind and I can imagine you can get used to it but for someone who had its sight for a good amount of their life and then to have it taken away like that I cannot imagine that It's easy at all because at the end of it today I was just like I'm excited to get these out and be able to see again."

Coleman said both he and Emery knew that the film was no reflection of what life is ike for real blind people.

However, they just wanted to show some small insight into what it must be like to be without sight: a power that most of us take for granted.