Waterproof and air-cleaning drones fly high at IFA

The third generation of Swellpro's waterproof drone has gone on display at the IFA consumer technology fair in Berlin.

BERLIN (REUTERS) - Among the drone makers at Berlin's IFA tech show, those from Swellpro were particularly buoyant.

Splash Drone 3 is Swellpro's third generation waterproof and unsinkable drone.

"This is the first waterproof drone in the world. It can land on the water and start flying from the water," Swellpro founder Eric Hu said. 

The drone contains a fast release waterproof 4K camera gimbal, first person view remote controller, and updated flight control system.

"It's a multipurpose drone that can do lots of things. From dropping fishing bait through to a follow-me mode, which is ideal for boat-users. You can get the drone to follow you while you're on a boat or a jet ski or in a car on land," technical manager for Swellpro in China Anthony Kuhn said.

The firm said it could also be used in search-and-rescue missions.

"To be able to produce a drone that can withstand salt water, it's quite an achievement. The motors are brushless and they're coated, so they can withstand salt water. We advise that once you've finished flying the drone, give it a rinse off," said Mr Kuhn.

Also at IFA was Ataraina's prototype Flying Magic Cleaner, dubbed "the world's first flying air cleaner."

Polymicro film attached to the drone helps remove dust, pollen, and other harmful particles from the home.