Violence in Paris during protest against police rape

Protesters demonstrating against an alleged police rape clashed with officers in Paris on Wednesday.

PARIS (REUTERS) - Protesters and police faced off in Paris during a demonstration against an alleged police brutality case.

Tear gas and smoke filled the streets as police attempted to control the crowds, angry over the arrest of a man known as Theo.

Theo, seen in the video in the hospital with President Francois Hollande, accused a police officer of inserting a baton in his anus during his arrest.

A hospital examination confirmed wounds to his rectum.

The incident prompted protests in the racially diverse Paris quarter of Barbes on Wednesday (Feb 15).

Demonstrators say they are protesting against injustice and systemic racism.

A 27 year old protester and member of the left-wing Revolutionary Party, Cecile Rimboud, said:"The injustice is that we have a young man who was raped by people who call themselves representatives of the forces of law and order. Law enforcers are trying to say that it was not a rape and we find this to be absolutely scandalous."

Officials have placed one police officer under formal investigation for the suspected rape.

Three other officers are also under investigation for unnecessary violence.