US to host summit on Feb 18 to fight 'violent extremism'

PARIS (AFP) - The United States will host a summit on Feb 18 on how to fight "violent extremism around the world" in the wake of the Paris attacks, US Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday.

Speaking in the French capital after a meeting with European security ministers following this week's Islamist militant attacks, Holder said the meeting would take place in Washington DC under the auspices of President Barack Obama.

"The United States is planning on holding a summit meeting on February the 18th in Washington DC to be conducted by the White House," he said.

The gathering will "bring together all of our allies to discuss ways in which we can counteract this violent extremism that exists around the world," Holder said.

"Only if we work together, through sharing of information, by pooling our resources, will we ultimately be able to defeat those who are in a struggle with us about our fundamental values." Holder did not give further details about the summit or the attendees. US officials travelling with him told AFP the White House would be providing more information later Sunday.

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