Uber suspends unlicensed service in Norway

Uber has voluntarily suspended one of its services in Norway, UberPOP, in what appears to be a more conciliatory tone with regulators as it faces trouble across Europe.

OSLO (REUTERS) - Uber seems to be taking a more conciliatory strategy in dealing with its troubles in Europe.

Suspending a service in Oslo, Norway - called UberPOP - its baseline budget option that allows any driver without a taxi license to participate.

“It basically means that an unregulated, unlicensed, driver is taking customers as a taxi driver. To the point, for instance, where an UberPOP taxi driver would be asking a customer to not sit in the back of the car but in the front seat because the driver was afraid that a Norwegian police officer would stop them and get fined,” said Gwladys Fouche, Reuters Oslo correspondent

UberPOP’s use of unlicensed drivers allowed it to circumvent laws that would govern a normal taxi.

That, as opposed to UberX, which uses licensed drivers and is the main option for customers in places like New York and London.

UberPOP was previously forced out of several European cities.

However, the withdrawal from Oslo was voluntary, and comes after weeks of turmoil in London - its most important regional foothold - where regulators have booted its entire taxi operation.

They are in appeals.