Thieves steal Rodin bust from Danish museum

Thieves stole a bronze bust by Rodin called “Man with the Broken Nose”.
Thieves stole a bronze bust by Rodin called “Man with the Broken Nose”.YOUTUBE

COPENHAGEN (REUTERS) - A Rodin bronze bust "Man with the Broken Nose" has been stolen during opening hours from a museum in Copenhagen by two men posing as tourists, the museum said.

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum released surveillance pictures on Friday of the two suspects who can be seen in the video, one dressed in shorts and wearing a broad-brimmed hat, the other in jeans, a checked shirt and a baseball cap.

One of the suspects has a bag over his shoulder which officials said could have been used to carry the bust out of the museum.

The images show the men on the day of the theft, which the museum said occurred in July.

They also show the same two men during an earlier visit to the museum when the police suspect they loosened the bust from its base to disable the alarm.

According to the museum, it took the thieves 12 minutes to snatch the 25.5cm bronze bust, from the moment they entered until they left.

The museum also said it was clear they were professional art thieves.

The theft of the bust, likely to be worth around 2 million Danish crowns (S$420,000), is one of the biggest art crimes in Denmark in recent years.