'They have weapons.... we've got champagne!' says new Charlie Hebdo cover

(REUTERS) - There's a phrase: "Living well is the best revenge."

Parisians seem determined to have their revenge on the gunmen who staged a series of attacks across the city on Nov 13 - one bite at a time.

At the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, where 17 people were killed when their offices were attacked last January, the latest cover sums up the mood: "They have weapons... so what?... we've got champagne!"

So Parisians, like Manon, are thumbing their noses by raising their glasses in a special night of revelry on Tuesday (Nov 17).

"We can't stop having a life because of some idiots who are trying to terrify everyone," said Manon, in French. "I think it sets a good example to do this, we shouldn't be scared of those people and it is by continuing to have a life such as what we're doing right now that we show them that we are stronger than them."

So fun-loving residents of the French capital are responding by showing their resilience with their feet, and heading to the nearest bistro, to show that the fork is mightier than the sword.