Spanish police arrest woman accused of recruiting girls for ISIS, suspected militant

MADRID (Reuters) - The Spanish police arrested a woman in the Canary Islands on Tuesday accused of recruiting girls to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Interior Ministry said.

The Spanish woman, a convert to Islam, radicalised the young women and aided their travel, the ministry said in a statement.

Once the girls reached Syria they were sexually exploited and made to do domestic and hospital work, it said.

The woman, who was arrested on the holiday resort island of Lanzarote, had direct contact with a member of ISIS, who gave her information on how to recruit and send women to Syria, the ministry said.

The arrest comes amid a crackdown on Islamist activities by Spanish authorities.

Also on Tuesday, the police arrested a suspected Algerian militant at Barcelona airport as he made a connection flight, the ministry said.

The man, who had fought in Syria, was wanted by Belgian police for terrorist crimes and was in transit from Algeria to an unnamed European country.

Spain has arrested 48 people this year in relation to Islamist militant activities, including Tuesday's arrests, and is working to prevent radicalised young Muslims joining armed groups in Iraq or Syria or attacking targets at home.