Six Russian teenagers die in one week while trying to take selfies

A woman takes a selfie at the Kremlin of Kazan.
A woman takes a selfie at the Kremlin of Kazan.PHOTO: REUTERS

Six young people in Russia have died within one week, all of whom were trying to take the "ultimate selfie", reported The Daily Mail Online.

The incidents occured around the start of the summer school holidays, and police are concerned that more of such cases will happen.

Ustinya Zembakhtin, 10, Sergey Zembakhtin, 13, and Vladislav Khoroshinkin, 13, were all killed on June 11 on the Trans-Siberian railway track, close to Vladivostok, when they were posing for a selfie in front of an oncoming freight train.

Thirteen-year-old Lera Sengeevskaya told Russian television that she had pleaded with the trio to get off the tracks as the train approached, and had managed to pull another girl, 13-year-old Anya Kvatova, towards her, but could not stop the train from hitting all the rest.

"I was yelling at them: 'Stop! Get away!'... They didn't hear me. I managed to grab Anya but she still was hit by the train... I pleaded with her not to die," she said in an interview with Russian media.

Fifteen-year-old Sergey Kustov was killed on June 13 while climbing on a power transmission line with his friend, who told the police that they had wanted to take "the ultimate selfie".

His other friends expressed shock and sympathy over the incident, with one writing: "Sergey, you had all your life in front of you. What the hell were you doing there? We remember you, love you and miss you..." reported The Daily Mail Online.

Another youth, Denis Kondakov, 17, was being watched by two teenage girls when he climbed onto a pile of gravel to take a selfie while touching a high voltage cable. He was taken to a medical facility with severe electric shock and burns, and died there on June 16.

On June 17, 14-year-old Maria Svitlenko died of electrocution in Moscow after her head touched a high voltage cable while she was climbing onto a railway bridge.

She fell close to the railway track where she was found dead on the same day.

A picture was found of her looking at the bridge on which she died.

Rail official Maxim Kalennik stressed the need for parents to take care of their children. "After every case, everyone feels sorry, but many parents for some reason continue to think that this will never happen to their kids," he said.

Moscow security official Nikolay Cherkasov told Russian Radio: "Participants of these dangerous actions who get into potentially dangerous places and the parents of these teenagers should be made responsible."

He added that children who pulled such stunts were "seriously lacking" in parental attention, and should be sent to work in "ecological or labour camps" in their spare time.