Second Scottish independence vote 'likely'

The Scottish government is increasingly convinced it can win a new independence referendum and is thinking very seriously about calling one next year as Britain exits the European Union.

EDINBURGH (REUTERS) - These Scots campaigned fiercely during their 2014 independence referendum, shortly before the country voted no.

Now Scotland says it's very seriously considering another one, according to a government advisor.

Unlike last time when independence was rejected by a 10 point margin, this time Edinburgh believes it has the emotion and momentum to win.

The referendum could be called as early as next year as Britain leaves the European Union.

During June's EU referendum Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay whilst the rest of Britain asked to leave.

As Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to trigger article Article 50 by the end of March, resistance from Scotland's ruling SNP party.

"She does not have an agreed UK-wide approach," said Mr Angus Robertson, deputy leader of the Scottish National Party.

"He constantly refers to the interests of Scotland inside the European Union," said British Prime Minister Theresa May. "An independent Scotland would not be in the European Union."

Scotland's government has already rejected Mrs May's plans, saying the harder the Brexit, the more likely they are to break away.