Residents in Nice: 'Why?'

Mourners pay tribute to the victims of the truck attack that killed at least 84 people in Nice, and wonder what prompted the driver to take aim at a crowd of holiday revellers.

NICE, FRANCE (Reuters) - It's a scene that has become all too familiar. French residents building makeshift tributes to victims of mass killers.

This time, the floral tributes are piling up in the resort town of Nice. They're mourning the 84 people who died when a man drove a truck through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, leaving residents of Nice to mourn, and wonder.

"We don't know what to do, we are afraid. I came here because I am very worried, I feel so worried. Why have they done that to us? Why? Why? We don't know why. All those innocent children," said Nice resident Ms Monique.


Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the killing. French police have detained seven people, but say they've found no connection to extremists, leaving those in Nice baffled and sad.