Protesters lash out at Poland's 'barbaric' abortion ban bill

Hundreds of demonstrators from Belgium's Polish community join the 'Black Monday' protest against a bill in Poland that seeks a total ban on abortion.

WARSAW (REUTERS) - They're protesting in Brussels against a proposed law in Poland:  a law that would impose a total ban on abortion.

"We do not agree to that and we consider it torture and we consider that it's a barbaric law from medieval times, and we don't accept it to be like that, that's why we came here today to demonstrate against it," said 28-year-old protester Anna Wozniak, a Polish national living in Brussels.

The current law in Poland allows abortion only in the case of rape, incest, threat to the mother's health, or when the baby is likely to be permanently handicapped.

It's already strict, but a total ban, say these women, is a step too far, and they're coming out in solidarity with a national women's strike in Poland.

"The world is watching us," says this woman. "This is a violation of civil rights."

The bill has been introduced by an independent group.

It is not known how much support it has among lawmakers, but women's groups across then continent are making it clear, they'll fight it all the way.