"Poopers” keep a Christmas tradition regular

SPAIN (REUTERS) - It is a tradition that you might say has become a regular part of the Christmas holiday.

A figurine of a peasant pooping has traditionally been included in nativity scenes throughout the Spanish region of Catalonia.

But over the years, the range of "poopers" has expanded to include powerful political leaders, entertainers and even the Pope.

And this year, even Star Wars characters feel the force of nature.

Tourists and holiday shoppers say the "poopers" are anything but crappy.

"I love them and I think it's obvious they play an important role in Christmas traditions here in Spain. I find it quite interesting this sense of humor. Everybody, including famous people, likes the "caganer" and I think is an interesting tradition, it's fun," said Kai, a German tourist.

This year, the most popular "poopers" have been the four main candidates for Spain's Prime Minister.

Each candidate hoping to reach number one with voters despite being in the position of number two.