Polish teenager nearly crushed by bus after friend shoves her off sidewalk in prank

A Polish teenager was nearly crushed by a oncoming bus in a prank gone wrong by her friend earlier this month.

Authorities from the southern Polish town of Czechowice-Dziedzice have released closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the shocking moment when the girl was shoved towards a moving bus by her friend on April 12.

The pair, both aged 17, were seen walking on a footpath by the side of the road at about 7pm.

But as a red public bus appears behind them, one of them is seen giving the other a forceful shove.

The girl hurtled towards the bus and fell to the ground, with the wheels narrowly missing her head.

Though seemingly in shock, the girl was able to get up on her own and was later hugged by her friend.

Local media reports said that the two girls were fooling around and the shove had been a joke.

According to local news portal Czecho.pl, the 52-year-old bus driver had stopped his vehicle immediately after the incident to check on the girl.

Fortunately, she only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

The teenager who pushed her friend was fined 70 euros (S$113) for causing a traffic hazard, the report said.

However, local police have said that they could be pushing for a heavier punishment, after reviewing the CCTV footage. She may be fined or jailed up to a year if found guilty of an offence.

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