Pajama-clad parents run afoul of school dress code

(REUTERS) - The head of a school in north-eastern England is warning parents to get in step and wear proper clothes when they bring their children to school.

Skerne Park Academy sent a note home to parents, telling them to "dress appropriately" in the mornings.

"We strive to improve outcomes and aspirations for our children at school," said Head Teacher Kate Chisholm. "And I think to have a routine, where you get into... your mum and dad are dressed in the morning, you are getting ready for school and you come in, you are ready, ready to learn."

But the note got low marks from one pajama-clad parent.

Ms Karen Routh, a parent, said, "I don't think it's right. People can be stuck late, like everyone else, should be able to fetch the kids to school in whatever they can as long as they get here."

The letter has sparked a free-for-all on social media, with some taking the teacher's side and others siding with the pajama-wearing parents.

No doubt providing plenty of entertainment for the students, no matter which side ends up on top.