Man shot dead by cyclist in broad daylight in German capital

Forensics officers secure evidence at the scene of the crime.
Forensics officers secure evidence at the scene of the crime.PHOTO: DPA

BERLIN (DPA) - A man was shot and killed by a cyclist in broad daylight on a Berlin street on Friday (Aug 23), police and prosecutors confirmed.

The prosecutor's office said one man had been arrested in connection with the incident.

Police divers were able to locate the weapon, a pistol, and the suspect's bike in the city's Spree river, close to where the killing occurred, dpa learned Friday evening.

The victim was apparently shot in the head, sources told dpa.

A witness told the German daily Berliner Morgenpost that the incident had looked like an "execution," claiming the suspect came at the victim from behind and shot him in the head from only a few metres distance.

The witness said the man had then shot the victim a second time when he was lying on the ground.

He then fled the scene on his bike.

A spokesman for the prosecutor's office would neither confirm nor deny the details of the incident.

"More details can not be published at this time, including the slain man's identity, due to the ongoing work at the crime scene," the office tweeted earlier Friday.

The crime took place in Berlin's Moabit district near the central Tiergarten park around noon (6pm Singapore time).

Pedestrians nearby called police after the attack occurred.

Police cordoned off the area and blocked off all view of the body with a blue tent.

According to prosecutors, there was evidence relating to the attack on the body and the man's clothing.

Prosecutors said the dead man's identity was not currently known.