Legal marijuana 'light' is blazing in Switzerland

Swiss businesses are cashing in on a legalised variant of marijuana that carries a low THC content, the chemical intrinsic to the plant that gets you high.VIDEO: REUTERS

LAUSANNE, KOLLIKEN, AND GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (REUTERS) - Its fans call it "marijuana light". Cannabis that carries a lower amount of THC than normal - that's the chemical in the plant that gets you high.

Less than one per cent, in fact, an amount that was made legal here in Switzerland back in 2011.

But after a slow start the industry for it is suddenly blazing.

Authorities expect sales upwards of $30 million this year, but admit even that is a conservative estimate.

This man is co-founder of one of the biggest sellers.

"When we were first were into it, a few kilos a week were being sold. Now we have orders and we have demands which are not being met, which people would like 700 kilograms a month, or more." said Corso Serra di Cassano, co-founder of KannaSwiss. 

Swiss police are having a hard time tracking it, and since "normal" pot is still illegal they sometimes have to stop smokers just to check the variety.

So why the hype? Well, proponents say smoking an average amount produces an effect similar to a glass of wine - calming.

And suggest it may find traction with fans who smoked in their youth, but have scaled it back.

Big gains for this budding industry.