ISIS video calls for jihad after Brussels blasts

CAIRO (REUTERS) - Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released a video on social media on Thursday calling on its followers to claim victory and wage Islamic war after deadly blasts in Brussels this week that the group said it had carried out.

In the footage, ISIS noted that Belgium was part of a coalition fighting militants in the Middle East.

It featured the training of Belgian militants suspected in the Nov 13 shooting and suicide bombing rampage by ISIS that killed 130 people in Paris.

“The crusaders aircrafts, including Belgium’s, continue to bomb Muslims in Iraq and the Levant in the night and day,” said the video.

“Every Muslim who is well aware of the history of Islam, knows that the holy war against infidels is an integral part of Islam, and those who read history would know.”

ISIS controls large parts of Iraq and Syria and has a presence in Libya and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.