Guards fired from German refugee centre for beating migrants


HALLE, Germany (DPA) - Several security guards at a refugee accommodation centre in Germany have been fired after video footage emerged of a guard violently beating a migrant after an altercation.

Four security guards were filmed from a multi-storey building intervening in a fight between two migrants at a refugee centre in the central German city of Halberstadt.

Two videos posted on YouTube showed the guards separating the two migrants and throwing them to the ground.

One of the guards then kicks one of the migrants, pins him to the ground with his knee and chokes him before holding a clenched fist above his head.

The date of the incident marked on the videos is April 14, but the state interior ministry said it only found out about the videos on Aug 9.

"With all due consideration for our colleagues' difficult work, there are certain lines that must not be crossed," the security company operating the facility said in a Wednesday statement.