German court bars condom maker's multiple orgasm claim

BERLIN (AFP) - A German court on Thursday barred a condom manufacturer from advertising its product with the promise that a pack of seven contraceptives "equals up to 21 orgasms", calling the claim misleading.

The slogan could give consumers the wrong impression that condoms should be used more than once, ruled the court in the western city of Duesseldorf, upholding an injunction against condom maker Einhorn (Unicorn).

The company had argued the slogan was obviously light-hearted as it stood alongside advice about "calories burnt in 30 minutes of sex" and a small-print warning that the product "may contain traces of fairy dust".

But the court was not amused, noting that among youths especially, "there is a continuing strong need for clarity on the correct use of condoms and a high risk of misleading them with ambiguous statements".

Because the package also contained serious information, such as about half of proceeds going to charity, consumers may not realise the comment on the "sensitive issue of multiple orgasms" is humorous, the court ruled.