Russian MP Zhirinovski makes case for Trump as US President

Russian MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky says Americans must vote for Trump if they want peace.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian lawmaker is making the case for Americans to elect Republican Donald Trump as the next US President from Moscow.

Mr Vladimir Zhirinovsky,  the flamboyant veteran lawmaker known for his fiery rhetoric, told Reuters that Mr Trump is the only person able to de-escalate dangerous tensions between Moscow and Washington.

"Americans voting for a president on Nov 8 must realise that they are voting for peace on planet earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary it's war."

He says Mr Trump will be the candidate for peace.

"Trump will have a brilliant chance to make relations more peaceful; to start talks; to take positive decisions on Syria, on Ukraine, on Nato, on disarming, on plutonium. He's the only one who can do this."

He also shrugs off lewd comments Mr Trump has made about women


"Men all round the world sometimes say such things that are just for their comrades. They just say it. But that does not mean that it is his attitude towards women, children, black people and Muslims."

While some do not take him seriously, Mr Zhirinovsky is widely viewed as a faithful servant of Kremlin policy.

"Victory for Trump and his election as President would be a gift to humanity. That is no joke."

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also praised Mr Trump as "very talented", while the Republican candidate has said the Kremlin boss is a better leader than US President Barack Obama.