Four white lion cubs are stars of Magdeburg zoo

Four white lion cubs - which is a very rare feat in nature and zoos all over the world - bathe in the spot-light for the very first time in a Magdeburg zoo. VIDEO: REUTERS

MAGDEBURG, GERMANY (REUTERS) - Four white lion cubs made their first appearance to the outside world at Magdeburg Zoo on Monday (Feb 6).

The three males and one female cub arrived on Christmas Day, which proved a festive treat for staff at the zoo.

The cubs' mother Kiara and father Madiba were clearly proud of their new arrivals as they kept a watchful eye on the quartet during their nursery days.

White lions have a recessive gene that makes their coat very light in color.

The cats are extremely rare in the wild and have been victim to poaching in Africa that has left them nearly extinct, according to conservation group White Lions.

White lions originate from Timbavati, an area in Krueger National Park in South Africa.