Europe sends love, kisses to Britain

People gather in Rome, Paris and Berlin to send a chain of love and kisses to Britain, to show how much they want Britain to stay in the European Union.

ROME, ITALY (Reuters) - This might not seem unusual in Rome, but this kiss has a special meaning.

"We are organising a symbolic action. It's a kissing chain that is starting in Rome and is passing through Berlin and then Paris and then London that is literally meant to send kisses and love to the UK in this tragic moment after the death of Jo Cox, but also in this crucial week that is meant to decide if UK stays with Europe or not," said Mr Luca Nicotra, campaigner for international non-government organisation Avaaz.

Britons are scheduled to vote June 23 on whether to leave the European Union, and make a so-called "Brexit".

The campaign was suspended after British politician Jo Cox, who supported staying, was killed last Thursday (June 23) as she was about to meet with constituents.

Some witnesses say the man who shot and stabbed her shouted a slogan adopted by those who want to leave the EU.

So the non-governmental group Avaaz wants to send a wave of love, to counter the violence.

"The voices are getting louder and louder who want to split us and spread hatred in our societies. And we want to show that we stand for unity and for love," said Ms Anne Agius, global campaigner for citizens' movement Avaaz.

And also mix a little business with their pleasure.