EU not imposing any "veto" on Greek anti-poverty legislation

BRUSSELS (REUTERS) - European Economics Commissioner Pierre Moscovici denied on Wednesday that the EU was trying to stop the Greek government passing a law to relieve the poor when it asked for prior consultation on a bill before parliament.

Asked at a news conference about reports that a Commission official had tried to prevent the Greek government presenting a humanitarian crisis bill, Moscovici said: "There is no question of us putting any kind of veto on a humanitarian bill, as I saw reported in some media." On the contrary, he said, the EU executive was committed to helping those Greeks most affected by the debt crisis. However, Commission official Declan Costello had been correct to remind the Greek government that under a deal with creditors on Feb. 20 it should consult with lenders first before passing legislation.

This, Moscovici said, was to assess the impact on its budget of any measures signed into law.