Duchess of Cambridge returns to work

(REUTERS) - It's a situation women around the world know well.

The first day back at work after having a baby. Although for the Duchess of Cambridge, the idea of "work" is a little different than for most.

For both Kate and William it means the resumption of Royal duties and engagements.

The Duchess began with a tour of a school which helps children and young adults who have serious emotional and behavioural issues.

At the Family School, she donned virtual reality glasses, and played games with children and chatted with the staff.

It's the first in a series of visits to charities around the UK which focus on mental health and support for families struggling with these problems.

After four months of family time with new daughter Charlotte and two-year-old son George, there's no word on how well the Duchess is readjusting..althought all signs are she's the working life back in stride.