DIY bomb-making tutorials widely available on Facebook and YouTube with thousands of hits

LONDON (THE PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Do-it-yourself cooking tutorial videos seem to be the norm on social media these days.

But instead of homemade kitchen recipes, an alarming number of bomb-making tutorial clips are currently being available on Facebook and YouTube platforms.

According to The Times, several how-to terrorism guides are currently being uploaded on social media and are being freely viewed by thousands of netizens online.

A recent video uploaded by Ibn Taymiyyah, a group that supports the Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria (ISIS), has been the cause of grave concern, as it teaches how to produce the highly toxic chemical ricin.

The instructor, who hides his identity with a black balaclava, urges Islamists to coat their knives with the powder mixed with anti-allergy cream, "so that it is poisonous every time against an enemy".

He then suggests that the ricin should be "placed into a plastic bottle and then exploded in a restaurant, club or bar", the report said.

The disturbing clip has been viewed over 5,000 times, and was only recently removed after YouTube was alerted by the publication.

Other bomb-creating clips, meanwhile, have been published a few years back and it also took awhile before they were taken down.

Such videos have been falsely categorised as "news," "politics" and "education", which have somehow slipped through the platform's sensitivity filters.