Corgi joins canine guard of honour for Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON (AFP) - A corgi could have been forgiven for eyeing a new royal home when Queen Elizabeth II, well known for her love of dogs, visited the London animal charity where he lives Tuesday.

Twelve-year-old Beama featured in a canine guard of honour for the monarch when she opened the new kennels at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The dog was later elevated on to a seat so the queen could meet him properly.

The queen is well known for her love of corgis and currently has two, Willow and Holly, who starred with her in a James Bond sketch at the opening of the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Unfortunately for Beama, she revealed that there is currently no vacancy at Buckingham Palace, where she also has two dorgis - dachshund-corgi crossbreeds - named Candy and Vulcan.

"You are not tempted to take a corgi home?" one of the animal charity's ambassadors asked the monarch during the visit.

She replied: "Not at the moment."