Potato chips maker Walkers hikes prices after Brexit

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A bag of Britain's biggest-selling potato chips is set to rise by 10 per cent after maker Walkers said the slump in the value of the pound after the Brexit vote had pushed up its manufacturing costs.

LONDON (REUTERS) - First Marmite, now Walkers' crisps.

A bag of Britain's favourite potato chips is to go up in price by about 10 per cent, thanks to the Brexit referendum.

Walkers said over the weekend that the vote to leave the European Union had hiked its costs.

Walkers, which is owned by US company Pepsico, has blamed the price rise on the fall in the value of the pound after Brexit, pushing up costs of materials like the oils used to cook the crisps, the packaging materials and flavourings. The potatoes are grown in Britain.

It is not just crisp-lovers feeling the crunch.

Birdseye, whose fishfingers are a staple for many British kids, has also announced a price hike - its first since 2012.

Last month, Unilever crossed swords with UK retail giant Tesco, when it tried to charge more for some iconic brands such as Marmite spread and Pot Noodle. Tesco won.

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