China's Wang Yi urges all parties to work for peace on Ukraine issue

Mr Wang Yi also called for greater solidarity and cooperation under the banner of multilateralism. PHOTO: REUTERS

BEIJING (XINHUA) - Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday (Feb 19) urged all parties to take due responsibilities and make efforts towards peace on the Ukraine issue, instead of just escalating tensions, creating panic and even playing up war threat.

Mr Wang made the remarks when answering questions on the eastward expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), European security, and the situation in Ukraine at the 58th Munich Security Conference via video link.

In terms of the expansion of the Nato, Mr Wang said European friends should seriously ponder whether continuous Nato eastward expansion would be conducive to maintaining and achieving lasting peace and stability in Europe.

On the Ukraine issue, it is time to return to the original point of the Minsk-2 agreement as soon as possible, since this agreement is a binding one reached through negotiations among all parties concerned and has been approved by the United Nations Security Council, and it is the only way out for solving the Ukraine issue, he said.

Mr Wang called on the relevant parties to sit together with a full discussion and work out a road map and timetable for the implementation of the agreement.

Ukraine should become a bridge of communication between the east and west, instead of the front line of confrontation between major powers, he added.

As for the European security, all parties can raise their own concerns, and Russia's legitimate security concerns should be respected and taken seriously, Mr Wang said.

"China expects all parties to find a solution that is truly conducive to safeguarding European security through dialogue and consultations," he added.

Mr Wang also called for greater solidarity and cooperation under the banner of multilateralism, noting that the world faces once again the danger of division and confrontation, adding that certain big power is reviving the Cold War mentality and stoking confrontation between blocs.

"Only when countries row the oars together and cheer up each other, rather than undercut and come after one another, can we overcome the current challenges and sail into a bright future," he said. "In this process, the role and action of major countries are critically important."

To make the world a better place, major countries must lead by example, countries must work in sync, and China and Europe must play their part, Mr Wang said.

"We expect all major countries to take the lead in supporting multilateralism, living up to their international commitments, acting on the purposes of the UN Charter, and contributing to world peace and development," he said.

"We all must guard against and oppose any attempt for a 'new Cold War', and strive for a world of enduring peace."

Noting that China and Europe are two major forces and great civilisations, Mr Wang said they can and must provide more stability and positive energy for the world.

The two sides need to stay committed to the China-European Union comprehensive strategic partnership, respect each other's core interests, adhere to the basic international norm of non-interference in internal affairs, and expand mutually beneficial cooperation across the board, he said.

"China is ready to work with all countries as passengers in the same boat and, with unity as the sail and cooperation as the oar, sail through the pandemic and towards a brighter future," Mr Wang said.

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