British ambulance gets parking ticket when its driver stops to buy water

A parking warden in Britain has drawn flak online after issuing a ticket to an ambulance on Tuesday (July 24).

The incident took place at a carpark outside a Tesco store in the town of Northwich, southeast of Manchester.

The ambulance belonged to the North West Ambulance Service.

In a video uploaded to Facebook group Northwich Life by user Ian French, the parking warden is heard asking repeatedly: "Can you park on a double-yellow line?"

The warden can also be heard justifying his actions by stating that the medical services personnel were on a lunch break, and not on call when the ambulance was parked.

One of the emergency personnel also states that the ambulance cannot fit in the bay, and that she had stopped to buy a bottle of water.

According to the BBC, parking company Euro Parking Services apologised for the incident and said it would overturn the charge by its attendant with immediate effect.

The landowner of the carpark also said it would review its parking contract and temporarily stop all enforcement at the site, reported the BBC.

Mr Adrian Nesbitt, a human resources manager for Euro Parking Services, told the BBC that the ambulance should not have been given a ticket and said the warden had been called in for an investigation.

"It is a mistake on our part, we will contact the ambulance service to offer our apologies and put together a full training package to make sure it doesn't happen again," Mr Nesbitt said.